Creating a new user in Active Directory with a template?

By ambjmb ·
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Exchange 2003
All patched to the hilt

I would like to automatically populate the "User Logon Name" and email address each time I create a new user.

It would be based on the users first and last name.

So if I create a new user named Joe Shmoe the end result would be a new user with the logon name:

user logon name: jshmoe
email address:
users home directory: \\fileserver\home\jshmoe

I know this can be done as I have seen it in production, however I can not remember the steps.

Will I need to create a template say, templateuser with %firstinitiallastname% or something similar?

What about for the email address? Is that built into the recipient policy? I believe Microsoft recommends creating a new recipient policy and never to delete the default.

This install is from scratch so any other helpful hints are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time in advance!

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Script it

by scott_heath In reply to Creating a new user in Ac ...

I recommend you write a script or hta. Then you can have it check for duplicate names and have a resolution rule and such. Wouldn't be that hard. Plus the script\hta can go create the home directory for you as well and assign the correct permissions.

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