creating a profile that blocks user access to the usb ports

By info ·
Hi i am a newbie can someone please tell me how to block off the usb ports from a persons profle?

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Need some 3rd party software.

by bart777 In reply to creating a profile that b ...

I've seen a couple of products that you can setup to do this.

You need to be very careful with these though. If you cut off all USB access then even USB printers will fail to work.

Reflex Magnetics had a product that I don't recall the name of. the problem here is that is was more machine driven than user profile driven.

Also Desktop authority can be configured to work with AD to do the same thing. You can setup a user or group to have restricted access to ports and set it so that printers willstill work but mass storage devices will not.

Best of luck.

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Need some 3rd party software.

by info In reply to Need some 3rd party softw ...

Thanks. Does it mean that it isn't possible to do it with windows? I bought a new laptop. I didn't realise that it runs win XP media center 2002 edition and to top it off it's been installed on a FAT32 instead of NTFS.

Also does anyone know how to set file permissions on windows XP media centre 2002. i know it can be done if windows media centre was installed on an NTFS partition but i really don't want to re-install.

Any ideas??

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Group Policy

by Nimmo In reply to Need some 3rd party softw ...

Why not just apply a group policy to the users profile, restricting access to the ports.

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