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Creating a Query

By cjones ·
I have created a query but when I print a report from the query, one of the field is pulling the primary key as the info instead of the name of the site, which is what I want. How do I create the query to pull the name of the site and not the primary key it is tied to?

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add the site name to the query (if necessary) then 'hide' the primary key

by sgt_shultz In reply to Creating a Query

just uncheck the box to 'hide' the primary key field (leave it in the query, just uncheck the box). sounds like your site name is not in the query at this time? so add it to the query in Design view using the Field list icon...is this what you wanted? I am sorry, I cannot figure out exactly what you want. have you downloaded the sample forms and databases from www.microsoft.com/download
Check them out.

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The query itself is fine...

by cjones In reply to add the site name to the ...

The query gives the information I want. I didn't state the problem clear enough. The query itself is actually fine, but when I go to run a report off the query...instead of listing the information supplied in the query i.e. division numbers, site names etc. it gives me the primary keys of the divion numbers and site names instead of the actual division numbers and site names. It's very frustrating and I cannot for the life of me figure it out.

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can you post the query?

by Shellbot In reply to Creating a Query

kind of hard to visualise without it..

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by cjones In reply to can you post the query?

Yeah, I don't know how to do that and make the data readable. I guess I'm of luck until I figure it out.

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