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Creating a simple CAD app

By ballisticsdad ·
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I am at the very first gate of a project. Call it tech ready level 0, or idea level 1 or whatever describes the phase where someone has an idea and has barely found the words to socialize what it is they think will save or make the company millions.
In as few words as possible, I need to create an application (preferably in C# or really anything that isn't C++) that allows a user to manipulate the dimensions of 2D and 3D primitives - say cylinders and cones - and report back the resulting volumes and surface areas. Is this possible to achieve with writing, updating and reading a STEP file.

Reading back over this before I post, I suppose it seems like I'm trying to create a CAD application. That is not the main goal; but if there was a cheap, dumbed-down CAD app out there that could accomplish only these things, please let me know.
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