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Creating a site for ringtones

By mg ·
Does anyone know where I can get some info on how to create web page where people can download ringtones to their cell phones?
We have the ringtones created, but don't know how to allow users to download them from our site.
Thanks in advance!

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depends on..

by Jaqui In reply to Creating a site for ringt ...

if you want revolving availability or just static.
the latter:
<a href=" of ringtone.whatever">name of ringtone</a>
in an html page that can be created with any wysiwyg site app, like frontpage / moz/nets composer / dreamweaver

if you want to have them changing regularly, then use a dynamic site design, with a download script/ module. ( .asp or .php with a db backend )

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A few ways they do it

by Oz_Media In reply to Creating a site for ringt ...

One is to set up a database, users pay for a tone (standard e-commerce from an html link), it is then sent by Text Message to the sender.

The other way (quick and easy)is to build a WAP site and advertise the link online. Store the Tones in the WAP site and they can be downloaded by users to their phone directly from a WAP link. By FAR the quick and easy way to go if you don't have a data driven site already, I did that for some bands ringtones when TAGTAG had free WAP site hosting.

I think Tag Tag still has some links that will help you.

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Thanks for the replies - some more info

by mg In reply to A few ways they do it

Thanks Jaqui and Oz for your replies.

Some more info that I probably should have mentioned before:
We will only be offering one ringtone. The site is rather small and non-dynamic. It's just a promotional site for one brand. We want people to be able to download the ringtone right from the site onto their phones - I think this is possible??
I took at look at the site, but it seems that the domain of one's WAP site would have to include their domain. Is this true?

Thanks again for all your help - this is new territory for me (if you couldn't tell already).

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Yor own domain

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks for the replies - ...

HTML and WAP pages are written completely differently and work on an almost independant Internet than each other. For example, a WAP enabled phone cannot access a standard HTML site. The WAP web is a different entity from the web we all know and browse, the two are not one and the same.

For someone to get a ringtone FROM your html page, they woul dneed ot access it with a standard browser and PC/MAC then use their own CT adapter for their phone to download the file from their own PC. THey can't just visit your HTML site with their phone and download the ringtone.

THat's why I suggested a TAG TAG site, you get a WAP address of your liking. eg.

You will have to include the information as TEXT on your HTML site so that people with WAP enabled phones can visit your WAP site with their phone and download the tone.

The other way is to have them request the song through your website, perhaps even via an email link, they will need to provide their own phone number for you to use YOUR phone to send them the ringtone but they won't be able to do so without a WAP enabled phone.

HTML and WAP are two different animals,they simply can't view your HTML page with their phone and download from it. YOU WILL need a WAP site for this if you choose not to simply send to a phone number upon request.

To host your OWN site, your server must support WAP cards (the wireless webpages)as well as your ISP.

Here's some more info that may help explain it clearer than I can;

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Thanks so much for the info

by mg In reply to Yor own domain

Thanks again, this was really helpful. Now I at least have a basic understanding of what we'd need to do, and a starting point.

Much appreciated!

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Your more than welcome

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks so much for the in ...

Yet if you run into issue and have specific technical questions, you will get more concise responses in the Tech Q&A forum, though at this time you were really seekign opinions and starting points.

Best of luck, if you have any more questions, feel free to Peer Mail me or again you can post in Tech Q&A.

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by panaks In reply to Your more than welcome

The question that he was asking is that some site that sale ringtones and stuff like that allows you to enter your mobile phone and then it sends the ringtone to the phone. Where can one get the source code for something like that?

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As I said

by Oz_Media In reply to Think...

It's basic e-commerce. Once an order is placed the site can send the tone but only from a WAP based site as a phone cannot communicate with an html site.

Most sitee use simple email prompts to the webmaster, site manager who then sends the tone manually from either their own WAP site or in the form of messaging. Other sites are directly accessed but only by WAP cards that I've seen.

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Mobile site and web site for ringtones

by abbas.alvi In reply to Creating a site for ringt ...

Hi Miriam,

At, you get a web page with your own url which can also be accessed on mobile phone browser. You can upload ringtones to a free store with e.g. domain: which also gets a replica page at which is wap site + web site. Fans can use their PC or their mobile phones to browse and buy your content. Whats more? you can use the html widget with each store on your website or Myspace profile ( They also offer special deals to content providers who have more than 100 content for sale.

I hope this is helpful,

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