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Creating a VPN conection

By angel2 ·
I have a Windows 2003 Server on my company. We basically use it as file server and all the user access it from the LAN.

Now one of the workers has moved to another country and has to work from his new location.

The boss wants that all the files on the server be accessed remotelly.

I think that the only option is create a VPN connection but I have not experience setting one of this.

We have an ADSL router and a NetScreen hardware firewall that allows to create VPN connections, but I've checked and it's really hard to configure.

I think that maybe opening some ports and redirecting them to the file server and creating a VPN there I can get it to work.

Can somebody give me some advice, instruccions or an alternate way to configure this?

Thanks in advance!


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Three options

by robo_dev In reply to Creating a VPN conection

1) Microsoft VPN
Fairly easy to configure, not the most secure, no cost since I believe it's part of 2k3.

2) NetScreen VPN
A little more complex to configure, very secure, low cost (You may need to buy a copy of the 'NetScreen Remote VPN Client').

There's a book called "Configuring NetScreen Firewalls" that walks you through the VPN part, and their website has some good docs

3) GoToMyPC
No configuration needed, very secure, low cost.

I would recommend that you use the NetScreen: it's very secure and should be very stable and trouble free once configured.

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VPN Client?

by angel2 In reply to Three options

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

Today I've spend the morning reading the NetScreen manuals. I've found lots of documentation on the Juniper web site. It's a little overhelming.

I've run the VPN Wizard on the NetScreen and done some test with a XP laptop from home.

I created a new VPN network connection on the network options but I can't event connect. I got an error that says that the host can't be found.

But I can ping the server so it doesn't look as a network problem.

I'm surprised about your comment that I will need to buy a copy of the "NetScreen Remote VPN Client".

Does it means that any VPN host needs a special VPN client?

I thought that VPN was a standard and I can simple connect creating a VPN network connection from Windows.

I will try to find some information about GoToMyPC.


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