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Creating a WAN network design

By f-4390503 ·
The headquarters are in New York, 4 ofices in Colorado, Chicago, California & San Francisco.

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by CG IT In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

well what are the requirements? can't create a design without knowing what is required.

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by f-4390503 In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

Clients are all over the world. The company has decided to set up a temporary project in Colorado for 4 months. New York head office is a seven storied building w/120 employees on each floor. This office needs a high-speed connection cable for effecient data communication to all other offices. Ensure the connection is pre-defined for each office and server, specifically. In case of network failure at head office, head office server is able to interact with other office servers via digital telephone network as backup. I will add more to follow concerning other offices.

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by f-4390503 In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

Chicago office: 70 employees at this office. Cable type is required for this offices does not need high-speed data connection. Need a pre-defined linkbetween Chicago and San Francisco office offices. Connection would be used as an alternate link to head office server in case of a link failure between Chicago and New York offices. This link must be faster than the digital telephone network backup link between the head office and Chicago.

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by f-4390503 In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

California: 125 employees. Circuit type requirements for this office are similar to Chicago. Like the links between Chicago and San Francisco, this office needs a link to Chicago office.

San Francisco: 25 employees. Circuit type requirements are like San Francisco.

Colorado: 5 employees (temporary office). installation cost is low, need not have a connection to any other office because communication to head office is lower than other offices. In case of network failure, digital network backup link w/head office.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Where to go for assistance, diagrams, input(?).

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

A WAN is just like any other network design. By the sounds of things you already have most of the required equipment in place but I would recommend nothing slower than a Cable connection for any site office and instead of having them connect through remote Office Sites I would have a master connection to the Head Office with Slave connections to any other Site Offices as required.

The Master Backup's should be held at Head Office and to do this successfully you'll need at least Cable connection or faster depending on just how much Data is to be Backed Up.

Once you have the Internet Connections in Place setup a VPN to each Site Office and you'll need to have the Site Offices be able to VPN into Head Office.


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by CG IT In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

ok that's all great for hardware but what does the workforce in each site need and what does management want?

Design is not just hardware or WAN LAN connections.

Management and the workfroce has to be involved in the design process because ultimately its those that use the network that matters. You do that by interviewing them and getting their requirements [what they want information technology to do for the company and the people who work for them].

If your using Windows based, you desgin for Active Directory Services and in that design is DNS, DHCP, placement, global catalog placement, FSMO roles, domain structure, OU structure, user rights, security, permission, VPN, remote access ....etc etc.

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by CG IT In reply to

you can if you wish buy fractional T lines for each WAN link that requires it, OR you can go with dedicated WAN links [non internet].

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by wlbowers In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

Damn Bubba we only get 2000 characters.

Get with a major frame relay provider, and a cisco certified gold provider in every city.

Everything you want to do between offices will be available via frame relay connections. Cisco equipment. And lots of programming.


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by alimanea In reply to Creating a WAN network de ...

THREE tasks that must be performed in layer 1, 2 and layer 3 when designing WAN,,ANY ONE ANSWER ME

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