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    Creating a Web Application


    by sasuke986 ·

    Hi guys. I’m in my 2nd year of uni. This semester we’ve been tasked with developing a web application for a case study we were given. What my team has right now is the Requirements Specification Document and the Software Design Document. The project is an Online Textbook Advertisement website for our university. We have chosen C# as the programming language. This week, according to our implementation plan, is the week to create the DB tables, populate it with sample data, & create a standardized connection code to the DB. However, we’re totally stuck. I’m guessing that we’re just overthinking this and it’s actually really simple, but none of us have any experience with creating web applications. We’ve done a Database course already and we know the SQL codes to create tables and populate them, but how does it all fit together? The DB and the website. Can anybody help me out please. I really want to deliver a fully functional system at the end of the semester but I’m quite stuck on this part. Or is there any online source that gives a detailed step by step guide on building a web application? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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      re: Creating a Web Application

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      Start simple. For your database I’m sure you could use something like SQLite and have your C# app connect to it using System.Data.SQLite and a SQLiteConnection.

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