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creating a website using a database

By gkklaptop ·
Hi. I am trying to make a website for my boss. We sell picture frame moulding - 1572 different shapes, thicknesses, colors, and even meterials. He wants to hook up the database to the site so if we loose a few or add a few more - Lord Please NO! - the site will list streight from the new data in the database.
I have made very basic sites for my church, and a site with pictures of my kids for the family, using notepad, and even added a few cool touches making an upgrade utilizing Coreldraw x3.
My boss liked what I have done, and said to do the same for him.
How do you write a code that will list fields and pictures from a database? Do I need a special program? Please help.

Darin Roberts

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by jdmercha In reply to creating a website using ...

You can use .asp pages to connect to a database. If you use Frontpage you can easily do some basic stuff with it. But if you need to do more custom stuff, then you need to get into the programming code.

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by Trevor Wood In reply to ASP

Please don't touch ASP - especially if your website is being hosted on a non Windows box. PHP & MySQL is the way to go. PHP is a scripting language (like ASP) but, IMHO, a lot easier to use and (this I like) free!. MySQL is an industrial strength relational database - like Oracle or SQLserver, but again free.

I would also suggest getting a good web development tool - Dreamweaver is very good although there is a stiff learning curve. It has the ability to create the PHP code needed to access MySQL databases and, because it's used widely throughout the web development community, there's loads of help.

I would add this warning though - doing what sounds like a large site for your employer is very different to doing a small site for your church. I built a site for one of my clients which is fully database driven (they import shoes - about 1000 different styles - and the stock changes every 10 weeks) and it took me about 60 hours to get it all working to their satisfaction.

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First Questions

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to creating a website using ...

What database is it. Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server Access ?
What is hosting the web site, IIS, Apache ?

Yuo can mix and match to a certain extent, but given your inexperience , making things more complicated than they need to be, will not be a good move.

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Try this web database service - www.Nenest.com

by echemistry In reply to creating a website using ...

Nenest (<a href='http://www.nenest.com'>http://www.nenest.com</a&gt is designed exactly for customers like you.

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