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Creating a Windows Vista recovery CD - doesn't work.

By kify ·
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Creating a Windows Vista recovery CD - doesn't work. No offence.. This suck! Sorry.

I've paid for the ISO, downloaded it, installed ISO Recorder, copyed the ISO to the CD as tutorial says, and re-boot with boot from CD, but all I get is a black screen.
"Be patient" it says in this tutorial
Well I've been waiting for two hours now, for the black screen to go away, and for the boot to start up from the CD.. Nothing happenes, nothing whatsoever.

I have downloaded the ISO three times, and burnt three different ISO downloads on one CD and two DVD's, but it didn't help. Every time it's the same black screen. Totally waste of money.

Can anyone please help me make this work? Or tell me how to get my money back?


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Will the CD boot on another PC?

by robo_dev In reply to Creating a Windows Vista ...

First thing is to figure out if it's a compatibility issue, or just if your CD-ROM software is doing something wrong.

I could be wrong, but I believe IsoRecorder is ancient software from 2006....I use ImgBurn to make bootable disks.

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Not able to boot on another PC either

by kify In reply to Creating a Windows Vista ...

Thanks for your reply
I only used IsoRecorder because it was recommended in the tutorial, but now I've downloaded ImgBurn, burnt a new CD and tried booting from this, but the screen is still just black. My laptop is a Packard Bell.
We have now tried to boot the CD on an Acer laptop, but also there, the screen turns black and nothing else happens.

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I suppose the obvious thing to ask is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Creating a Windows Vista ...

Which version of Vista do you currently have on your Packard Bell?

The way that I read the article in question is that it only applies to Vista pre SP1 and as it was written in 2008 I would believe that most systems used today already have SP1 installed.

I'm unsure if it works with SP1 for Vista or not but I would hazard a guess that if the Burnt Disc is not booting then you have somehow got a corrupt copy of the Download and you'll need to talk to the place that you got the download from. At that time I would also confirm weather or not it works with SP1 for Vista or not.


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I guess the Vista version is the problem then

by kify In reply to Creating a Windows Vista ...

I have Windows Vista Home Premium 2007 Servicepack 2

Thanks a lot for your help. I will figure out who to contact.

(I tried to select your reply as the answer, but it won't accept)

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Seen vista take way longer than two hours...

by maszsam In reply to Creating a Windows Vista ...

Don't know where you got the ISO from. Are you sure it is from an authorized distributer? Nothing says it can't be junk from the start.

You may also have issues with your hard drive. If it is a clean install, as in you don't care about the data on the disk, try to re-fromat the disk first to eliminate that problem.

Down load Ubuntu and load the live version, just burn the image to the disk and when it asks you whether to install or try select try, You can check for hardware issues that way. You can also format a disk from the live version but I wouldn't unless you know what you are doing. You can cause other problems that can't be fixed with a windows boot disk. I'm thinking for you to just check to see if everything works and not get fancy.

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