Creating a workgroup with 2 desktops & 2 laptops.

By bill9 ·
I have 2 desktop pc's they have windows XP pro and 2 laptops with vista. so i would like to have a workgroup which i can share files, printer through a single adsl modem and a 5 port switch.

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Install a router / wirless router.

by 1bn0 In reply to Creating a workgroup with ...

Since no one else seems to be responding...

Two basic requirements.

First. All of the computer s have to have the same "Workgroup" name. Both XPPro and Vista should default to "WORKGROUP". XPHome defaults MSHOME.

Second. All of the computers have to be using a IP Adresses in the same network range.

This CAN be done by just turning them on letting Windows assign an Automatic IP address. Each machine is supposed to configure an IP within hte specified range and they will talk to each other. THIS IS NOT REALLY RECOMENDED.

If you are running 5 computers through a single DSL modem, you really should get a router. Most (all) routers will assign addresses tothe computer through DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).

A router also provides extra protection for your computers from the internet. I always recomend a router , even if you only have one P.C. You are goingto have sharing working on your machines. That leaves them wide open to the world with Windows firewall as your only protection.

It sounds like you already have a HUB or Switch. If you do you can buy a single port router (sometimes a little bit cheaper) and just connect the hub/switch to the router. If you only have 4 machines , most routers come equipped with 4 ports and you coulds always get a router with wireless capabiltiy and use the wirless for the notebooks.

Making XPP and Vista like each other can be frustrating.

Better do dome reading.

Below are some of the better pages I found in a quick Google search. You may find better on your own.

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by bill9 In reply to Install a router / wirles ...

For the four pc's can i connect in series in this ratio ADSL modem + Router + to computers

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Yes. See the diagram linked below.

by 1bn0 In reply to Routers

I would recomend installing a router instead of a hub. It acts as a firewall between your computers and the internet as well as a DHCP server for assigning addresses. If you use a Wireless router you don't even need cables to the computers.

You can set up folder sharing on any / all of the p.c's. I beleive the other links I provided cover most of the issues in settingthat up. You can also cshare printers between the comnputers.

Oh Smeg menitons an issue with the ISP requireing a specific computer connected.
The usual method for this is the ISP modem will store the MAC address of the computer used to configure the connection. It will only allow that MAC address to connect from that point on. This can be resolved by having the router "clone:" the MAC address of the first computer. Essentially it reprograms the WAN/Interent port of the router to use the mac address of the computer that was connected to the modem. Most newer routers have this option and can even read the mac address of the computer in the setup screen and apply it.

See this link for a typical Linksys router.

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Follow the directions here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Creating a workgroup with ...

All you need do is connect a CAT5/6 Cable from the Modem to the UpLink port of the Switch and then CAT5/6 Cables from the Switch tot he Computers. To do the hardware part.

Unless the ISP Supplied Modem requires that it is connected directly to a computer then you need to connect it directly to a Desktop Computer that you have fitted a Second Network Card to and allow the computer to be the Gateway for the Internet. Naturally when you want to use any of the others computers on the Net the Gateway needs to be turned on.


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