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    Creating an editable .msg file


    by johngalpin ·

    I have an HTML that has certain areas that need to be changed each time it is sent e.g. name of recipient.

    I want to save this as an .msg file so that a person sending it, can open the file, insert the address they want it to go to, change the content and then send it.

    I am creating the .msg file by creating a new message in outlook inserting the content, selecting save as .msg. If i open the file it opens in exactly the way i saved it.

    When i email this file to someone who needs to use it, and they open it, the to field and subject fields are greyed out and the content of the email cannot be changed.

    Any ideas?

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      Reply To: Creating an editable .msg file

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Creating an editable .msg file

      right click on the message in the inbox, pick edit as new.

      then you are sending it without forwarding it.

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