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I burn an image from a computer for it to be used. Currently I have 3 differnet computer models that I support with the same image using SYSPREP. I burn the image to an external Hard drive, then add in my bootfiles, and burn that image to DVD for mass distribution.

My question is, why go to that extent, I know I can load a computer from my external Harddrive, but it requires that I first insert the GHost 10.0 CD, then point to the image. How can I make it to where all I do is plug in the Hard drive and have it run the image, without much user interface?

Also I'm sure that capability isnt hard, but is there a way that I can lock down that external Hardrive, so that once distrubted it can't be used to store pics or whatever, its only purpose would be used to reinstall an image. I would obvioussly require the ability to reinstall an image over the existing one periodically. I was hoping that I could make a master image on one external Hardrive, and then have the capability of copying the image from the master to the other external Hard drives, whenever a new image came out/required.

So if anyone is doing this allready or knows how to start this process please respond. I hate making DVD's it is costly, and not very durable, one scratch and that image is useless, and with all the IAVA's coming out for MICROSOFT, it seems most of my time is consumed with making an image, burning copies, then making a new image because of two IAVA's just to burn another 50 DVD's. I know that using a flash drive was discussed but I would have to go with an external Hard drive, sense my image is regularlly 6-7GB.

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Any Luck??

by cdknepper In reply to CREATING AN IMAGE BOOTABL ...

Did you ever figure this out? I'm looking to do the same thing. I've made the thumbdrive network bootable, but looking to make an external HDD bootable for the same reasons you stated above. Let me know if you can help me out.


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