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    Creating an intranet


    by tandyvenus ·

    What is the easiest way of implementing an intranet in my existing w2k network?

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      by leon_guerrero ·

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      Here is an article that shows you how to setup an Intranet using IIS that comes with W2K and Office Server Extensions.

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      by tink56 ·

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      We purchased FrontPage 2002. The learning curve is short for getting something out there quickly. I use one of their plain jane templates.

      An intranet does not have to have the glitz and glamour that a public web site needs. Keep it simple and clean. Employees want to be able to find information quickly and you want to spend a minimal amount of time keeping it updated. I spend only 5 to 10 minutes a day updating our site.

      My strongest advice is to sit down with paper and pencils and plan your navigation structure. What information do you want to make available? How should it be grouped (by topic? by department?). How people will access information will determine if you use web pages or make data available via PDF, Word, or Excel docs.

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