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    Creating and logging into a terminal server that is part of a domain


    by cudmasters los ·

    standard 2008 server. i have a dc and a ts(they are seperate).

    if i want users to rdp into a terminal server, that is part of a domain controller, do i log into the terminal server ex. \\domain\user??
    if so what permissions do i give them. I have been trying to do this for a !@$%&!week and i cannot get this to work.

    I have created a user account in active directory, gave them remote desktop permissons, i have tried to allow the user to logon locally and remotely on local policies. Even in group policy.

    sometimes when i do that it changes the “alow remote desktop” in the local policies of the TS but i didn’t change anything on the ts, just the dc. then i can’t make a change because the local policies is graye out on the ts, then 3 hours later it is. this is so fricking frustrating because nothing is consistant with this %$#@$$ server. I am so confused because i can’t remember what worked because it takes so long for me to see a change, but then sometimes i wont. Even if i press f5.

    r u supposed to allow users to login through the dc. can somebody please explain how to do this>

    user setup on ts?
    user setup on dc?
    group policy?

    please help


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