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Creating barcodes on your pages

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
The June 1, 2004 edition of the Web Development Zone e-newsletter explains how to create barcodes on your pages. How familiar are you with barcodes, DHMTL, and SVG? Will you be able to apply this particular tip in your development environment? Please let us know.

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by jsowellxii In reply to Creating barcodes on your ...

Though this is very interesting to me I would like to ask: Why or when you would want to use barcodes in your website?

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Usage of barcodes on your Website

by Andrew Houghton In reply to Interesting

You might want to use barcodes on your web site for delivering coupons to your visitors. Microsoft, has started using them as admission tickets for live events. So I sign up on their web site for a live event in my area and they send me to an admission ticket web page, which I then print out. I bring the page I printed out to the event and they scan the barcode to know that I'm really registerd and who I am, what organization I belong to, etc.

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HR Workflow Product

by mark.petereit In reply to Interesting

We developed an online workflow application for our HR department, to intelligently route HR-related changes to employee records. The only issue we had remaining was to figure out how to "attach" paperwork that may be related to a change action (i.e. marriage certificate to support a name change).

Obviously, rolling scanners out to 300+ managers was out of the question. But we do have a rather cool document scanning/archival application that utilizes barcoded seperator pages to index the archived document images.

My solution was to add a button to the online action form called "Attach Paperwork". Clicking the button would generate a fax cover page with the workflow incident ID barcoded on it. The cover page would instruct the manager to print out the cover page and fax the paperwork to a predetermined number. That fax number would be to a fax board on the archival system, which would then archive and index the images so the workflow product could "attach" it to the workflow incident.

The only part of this that was hanging up development was figuring out the best way to dynamically generate the barcode. Thanks for a VERY timely article, Phillip!!

Mark Petereit
HRIS Systems Administrator
Truman Medical Center, Kansas City

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Working code would be nice...

by TheBurbs In reply to Creating barcodes on your ...

The author claims that IE5.0 is required, but it doesn't seem to generate the barcode in IE6. I haven't found any use for VML in a browser (and even less so bar codes), so have never tinkered with anything to do with the VML specification. What did he overlook?

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Asked and answered....

by TheBurbs In reply to Working code would be nic ...

The author forgot the xmlns attribute:

<html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml">

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What he overlooked

by Andrew Houghton In reply to Working code would be nic ...

Change the <html> to <html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml">

He forgot to declare the VML name space. Since he also didn't bother to add a DOCTYPE so IE 6 knows what version of HTML he is using, this causes other problems. Basically, the VML tags he created without the VML namespace will not be closed. So in IE 6 you will get <v:line> and not <v:line></v:line>. IE 6 sees a bunch of non-closed <v:line> tags and doesn't display anything since there is no data content. The VML behaviour doesn't see the namespace so it doesn't act upon the <v:line> tags. He should re-read the MSDN documentation and pay attention to the examples... But cool example once it does work.

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please share the working code

by manny In reply to What he overlooked

it seems that you already got it to work!
(i had noticed that the original script was missing the <script> tag but even after i fixed that and made the html replacement you described, i still don't see any barcode with my IE5.5 browser).
please share the working code!

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Simple fix

by mark.petereit In reply to please share the working ...

All I did was change the beginning <html> tag to <html xmlns:v="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml"> and it worked just fine.

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It doesn't work here either!

by streborr In reply to Simple fix

After making the change to the <html> tag and adding <script> it still doesn't work! (using IE6)

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One more bug to get rid of first...

by swillyhem In reply to It doesn't work here eith ...

"button onclick=" instead of "button onfiltered=" and you should be working with the above changes made too.

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