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creating bootable flashdrives as your article states

By kenneth brunette ·
i am trying to create a bootable flashdrive to download certain firmware files that i need to make my son's hp pavilion xp media center- opticle drive work again. i read the article here and the tool from hp does not come up in their search as named here, nor does it show in the flashdrive registry that i can find. i am trying to keep from buying the kid a new computer when this is the only problem with it...i cannot download the firmware because it says i need to either use the cd/dvd that of course doesnt work, so it suggests creating a bootable usb drive to install this firmware. i cant find the hp tool and need some help if you can. thanks, kb

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Back up.

by seanferd In reply to creating bootable flashdr ...

OK. Before you get around to creating a bootable Flash drive for this (and, to which article do you refer??), what, exactly, is your original problem?

I'm not sure how having a bootable Flash drive will help you download firmware.

<i> i need to make my son's hp pavilion xp media center- opticle drive work again.</i>

OK, but why can't you download the firmware from HP? And why do you need to install this from bootable media? Can you point to that web page as well?

<i>the tool from hp </i>

You probably refer to the format tool. http://www.bing.com/search?q=hp+usb+format

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my son's hp pavilion a1520n media center opticle drive not working

by kenneth brunette In reply to creating bootable flashdr ...

ty for the reply. original problem is... the media center light turns on but the opticle drive will not read anything. i found info in hp forums with people who had the same problem and they recommeneded downloading a firmware update. when i tried to do this, it would not download without using a blank cd (which of course does not work), or creating a bootable thumb drive. so i was going to do this but never did it before. i read an article in here on how to create a bootable thumbdrive and it recommended this tool for formatting the thumbdrive. when i entered the name he stated in the article in here hp could not find it. anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. the drive is a lightscribe/DVD-RW DRIVE, MOD #: HL-DT-STDVDRRW GSA-H21L. it worked great before the computer crashed and i had to do a system restore to original state of computer-1985 series. then i put all the updates on but this one will not download until i make the cd work, they say the alternate method is to create a bootable thumbdrive so if you know of any other snswer....help please ty, kb

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somehow i clicked the wrong button and unsubscribed to this....

by kenneth brunette In reply to creating bootable flashdr ...

hope i am back, if you have any answers to this hp opticle drive problem please write me @
kbrunette@tx.rr.com, thanks

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checking alert me

by kenneth brunette In reply to creating bootable flashdr ...

rechecking the alert me box

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