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    Creating bootable quick restore CD’s


    by brichardson ·

    We have a situation where we have standardized on just a few hardware platform/software options for our enterprise and would find it very useful to create bootable quick restore CD’s to bring a computer back to it’s “just been deployed” state.
    Many of our new workstations do not come with floppy drives nor CD-Burners. So, ideally we’d like to find a software utility that will create bootable CD’s containing the image of a computer that is connected to an external CD burner. We have tried Norton Ghost (latest version) and have found it to be insufficient. Other apps. we have tried/looked at are Veritas, Dantz, NTI, Nova, and others.
    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated as it will save us a HUGE amount of time in remote location support.
    God Bless…

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