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Creating domain in Win XP

By hoffies ·

I would like to find out if a network domain can be setup from windows xp, or do i have to have a server op sys installed.

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You'll probably need a network operating system

by NI70 In reply to Creating domain in Win XP

You don't state what version of XP you have, is it XP Home or XP Professional? XP Pro is for the networking environment. And XP Home has a lot of the networking stripped out of it. You also don't state what you're trying to accomplish.

I'm sure there's ways to hack the registry of an XP system so that it would act as a domain controller, but I don't know of any right off hand. You can use Linux, jmgarvin would be the person to ask, as he's very knowledgeable regarding Linux -- see his blog.

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net op system

by hoffies In reply to You'll probably need a ne ...

I am using win xp pro

i am sorry to sound like a complete idiot here, but how do get to jmgarvin ??

i am new to this site cos i have been denied internet for a long time (dont ask) but would like your help if possible.


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The needs for the domain?

by Andrew06 In reply to net op system

What do you need the domain for? If its for AD, then you need a NOS, if its for monitoring internet activity, most likely..

What things do you need it for?

I would just recommend getting Win 2k3 server or Win 2k server and working on that.

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Reg hack

by dpekol1 In reply to You'll probably need a ne ...

I know there exists a reg hack to turn 2000 Pro into 2000 Server. XP probably has a similar function. XP itself can join a domain, but cannot create/emulate domain controller functions. You can setup a workgroup environment with XP and setup peer security, but it will not be a centralized Domain scheme.

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Domain in XP - Not recommended...

by ptaparia In reply to Creating domain in Win XP


As far as my experience goes, it is not recommended to operate a domain off Windows XP Pro. There are a lot of settings that need to be configured and made sure to ensure that a domain is working fine. For example, you need a working DNS server to ensure that your AD (Active Directory) is functional.

My recommendation is that get a Server OS - Windows 2003 or Linux (I am currently experimenting on KUBUNTU- to serve as a domain controller.

Once you have a domain controller installed, you can manage that domain's AD from any Windows XP machine using the FREE tool provided by Microsoft - Windows 2003 Administration Tool Pack.

The link to download the tools is at the following page:

Hope this helps your need.

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