Creating email accounts

By nitobd ·

I am trying to setup a email accounts for a small company with about 10 people.

Remember that I'll be using Windows 2003 server for small Business (I think it comes with Exchange server encluded).

The client has a website ex. that is hosted by a private company. Also the client have another account for his email ex to a different company. However client would like to setup his emails account to with the company domain name). How can I go about doing that.

Having a exchange server that I can create all the clients account with the domain name a good idea?

Should I close the email account service with the and create evething on exchange server?

What really would the best and simple option?
I am looking for something really simple to do since this is not a big network.


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DNS records

by Derek Schauland Contributor In reply to Creating email accounts

You should be able to set the MX records at the webhost to point to your exchange server. This should tell the host of to send all mail traffic to your organizations mail server.

Keeping email in house is typical of organizations although use of web based solutions like google apps for your domain is growing.

Pointing MX records would be the simplest solution, no mail then should be stored on the web hosts servers but send instead to your exchange box.

hope this helps

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Please clarify

by nitobd In reply to DNS records

1.I can find out how to point MX (which I really don't know what it is) to the exchange server. However what should I put on exchange server? should I create new clients account on Exchange?

2.What do you mean by "using web mail base solutions like google apps for your domain"


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mail records

by Derek Schauland Contributor In reply to Please clarify

If you are going to use exchange to handle your mail, then you would want to create your accounts for mail on Exchange (or in Active Directory and add Exchange attributes).

The DNS records, in this case MX just tells your DNS server to send mail traffic to the mail server.

As an alternative to Exchange or an in house mail solution, you might also look at a solution like Google Apps for your domain, in which is pointed to Google and Gmail would handle the mail portion of your website.

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