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Creating ERDs to reflect current info

By LEsales ·
Regarding the article -Reinstall a service pack after a Windows 2000 Professional system repair.
The article said: You should create an up-to-date ERD each time you make a change to the system, such as adding new software or hardware.

I created an ERD today and in looking at the contents of the floppy, I see three files (autoexec.nt, config.nt, setup.log), all of which are dated in the long ago past. Is there something I am missing? I add and remove programs very frequently yet the most current date on a file on the floppy is 2-11-2003!!

I'd appreciate a comment.

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by Nilt In reply to Creating ERDs to reflect ...

I know this one. Heh; it was a very common question when I worked at MS in the Alliance support group back when Win2k shipped.

Essentially, there just isn't enough room on floppies to store everything on the ERD. The 2k dev team correctly assumed that over time, things like the Registry would bloat. What happens is the ERD refers to %systemroot%\Repair\Regback and, IIRC, a couple other locations on the hard drive for the majority of its needs.

When you make a new one, it's those areas on the HD that are updated, not the floppy so much. Confusing, eh? Also, you do have a current image of those hard drives, right? :-D

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