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By lisa_bryant149 ·
I have a standard form which I want users to fill in, but I don?t want users to modify the data that is already on the form. The form will prompt the user for information that is required to be entered when the form is opened. I also want to have adrop down list for names that users can select from.
I have created the form using the Ask field and created an AutoOpen macro to open and prompt the user for the required information when the document is opened. That works really well. But canI protect the data on the form from being modified and at the same time allow users to use the drop down list as well. I have tried to use section breaks and then protected the sections that I didn?t want modified, but this doesn?t work, as the macro won?t run if the form is locked. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do?

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Creating Forms

by AJD In reply to Creating Forms

I asssume you mean that you have a form where you have some fields you DO want users to fill in and some fields you DON'T want modified.
The easiest and most flexible way to do this is to simply lock each field that you don't want users to modify. In form design view, select the field to lock and display the properties list. In the "Locked" property item, change the "No" to "Yes". The field can then no longer be edited on this form, but will still display data.
Good luck.

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