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creating install floppies from cd

By cadman ·
I have a desktop pc that works fine, I have a laptop with a failing hard disk. I have win98se on both. The laptop has no cd drive, but does have floppy drive. I heard or read somewhere that one can create a set of install floppies from win98se cd, that is was as simple as going Start > Run and typing a command to the cd to "bless" the floppies. Is this true?

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by dawgit In reply to creating install floppies ...

I take it here that your goal is to replace the hard drive. Than, the flopys are only part of the problem (Then what? How are you going to get the Soft Ware from the install CD to the new hard drive, your laptop?) A boot flopy for Win98SE is not a problem, just make one on your PC, it will work on the laptop also. (Not perfect, but it start a sys.) But hat alone will not set up your laptop to do an install, your going to need a CD drive some where. If I'm on track here let me know. Here's what I do to 'set-up' a CD-less laptop with an OS (an insall). I have an external USB hard drive that contains a 2 1/2" hard drive that I use. (if you buy one with a hard drive to will work with your laptop, you can fix both problems, and still have the USB external drive, if you buy an additional hard drive) I put the intended new laptop hard drive in the USB device, format the new drive, partition the new drive, 'C' & 'D', (with the 'D' at 1 GB size) insert your Win98 software CD in your PC. It will want to 'Auto Run', when given the chance to 'Do Not install' stop the program, but don't remove the CD. Now open 'My Computer' on your PC, and right click on the CD drive, and Click 'Exployer'. 'Select all' and copy to the USB drive in 'D'. When that is done, remove the CD, Remove the external HD, first the USB device from the PC, then, the actual HD from the device. Put that new HD in your laptop. Start the laptop with a boot flopy. the laptop will see the 'D' partition as a CD, and will ask you if you want to 'install'. Say 'Yes' and have fun. After the OS is installed (make sure it's complete) on the 'C' drive where it belongs, you can completly remove the contents of 'D'. I'm sorry if that sounds complicated. But it works, and I've done it many times on CD-less lyptops and PCs. Once you have done it, you'll see how quick & easy it is.

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by dawgit In reply to

Note to: ALL Samstag, 8. April 2006 22:49:33
Please check: ( )
for a company called 2nd Soft, a good firm. The Boss / Owner Speaks Excellent English as well as German & others (common around here) The firm was originally recomended to me by a rep. with MicroSoft Germany as a reliable company to buy MS OS Software no longer supported by MicroSoft. (The Company, BTW is NOT affiliated with MS)
->I have seen Win98SE in flopys there occasionly (by they're getting rare) oh, & Betriebssystem = OS in German, the rest is easy :-) -d

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by TheChas In reply to creating install floppies ...

The last version of Windows that could be installed from floppies was the original version of Windows 95.

On the Windows 2000 CD, there is a utility to create a set of boot floppies for a PC that cannot boot off of a CD.

As far as I know, there is no utility to create a set of install floppies from a W98 CD. Even if there was, you would need between 150 to 300 floppies!

For the cost of the blank disks, you could buy a USB or PCMCIA CD drive and increase the versatility of your laptop.

IF getting a CD drive for the laptop is not an option, here is what I do:

Get a 2.5" to 3.5" hard drive adapter kit.
(Under $5 at many PC hardware web sites.)

Temporarily install the new laptop hard drive as a slave drive on your desktop PC.

Partition and format the new drive.
I suggest creating an extended DOS partition with at least a 1GB logical drive.

Create a folder on the logical drive (or the primary drive if you did not create a logical drive) named Win98.

Copy the entire Windows 98 CD to this folder.

While you have the Windows CD in the CD drive, make sure you have a Windows 98 boot floppy, or startup disk.

While you have the laptop hard drive in your desktop, copy any downloaded programs or updates that you wish to install on the laptop, along with any data files you desire.

Shutdown the desktop and install the laptop drive in the laptop.

Boot the laptop from the Windows 98 startup floppy.

Run fdisk, and make sure that the primary partition on the hard drive is marked as active.

Exit fdisk, and from the A: DOS prompt, run the command:
sys c:

This copies the system files to the hard drive and makes the drive a bootable volume.

Now, browse to the drive with the Win98 folder.
\Win98 {enter}
Then, type setup and press enter.

You will now install Windows 98 from the hard drive, and NEVER need the Windows CD to install a driver or networking component.


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by TheChas In reply to

Thanks for the info Hal,

I've never run across a W98 floppy install set.

I wonder if that option was not available in the US.

Looking at a W98SE CD, the Win98 folder has 121MB of files in it.

Most of the 70+ CAB files are 1.760MB.

The floppy version you had must have been a reduced version.

Still, very interesting.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to creating install floppies ...

Chas is slightly wrong on this one. When Win 98 hit the streets you could buy a set of install Floppies and use them to install the OS. MS provided these at a nominal rate but when they supplied them they didn't supply a Product Key and the CD Key wouldn't work. I ran into this one a few years ago when I was presented with a NB with a dead HDD and no CD ROM drive but a original CD ROM and a set of 40 or so Floppies formatted to 1.7 MEG so I thought easy and proceeded to install of the floppies. It went great until it came time to enter a product Number which the install program wouldn't accept and MS no longer provides support for the Install Floppy setup they offered to send me a CD install to work around the problem.
I ended up using a DOS Boot Floppy with the necessary drivers for an external CD ROM and then using the CD ROM to install the OS from.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Chas if you like I can send you a set of the 98 Setup Floppies but I don't have an activation key for them as MS never bothered to supply one when they supplied the Floppies.

If you are interested I asked a question about these some time ago and you can look it up at

Col :^0

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I should have added they are the original 98 not the 98SE as once SE hit the streets this option was dropped by MS.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to creating install floppies ...

Well as the HDD is still working why not remove it from the NB and clone the drive to another one so you don't have any problems with the OS?

There are several Cloning Utilities available that will do the job and you'll be able to fit the drive from the NB to a 2.5 inch to USB connection as there are plenty of these caddies around. The only thing that you'll need to look at is that you make sure that the replacement drive will physically fit in the hole provided in the MB and that it has the same power requirements as the old drive has. If the old failing HDD is under 20 GIG you'll most likely have to get a Second Hand drive to suit your NB as the newer oner are more power hungry and will most likely not work with your existing NB even if the BIOS will actually read their size. Currently the smallest 2.5 inch HDD available is 40 GIG capacity and there are a lot of the older NB's that will not accept one of these drives.

If you like I can run off a set of the original 98 Floppies but as I've mentioned previously they don't have a Product Key and MS no longer offers any support for these. It's been a long time but from memory there are something like 40 Floppies involved and they are formated to a higher density that the standard 1.44 MEG but I have a copy utility here that can reformat the Floppies and I'm more than capable of making a copy of the floppies if needed.



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