creating master image

By SystemCheck ·
im currently trying to create a company wide master image, but running into a small problem.
I installed the OS on the image pc, applied all XP updates, connected to the domain, installed all neccessary programs, created the image, went to new pc, installed the image successfully...

but the problem is the computer name, the image brings the computer name over from the old pc to the new pc. and renaming the pc, screws up the connections to the domain permantely, im i doing something wrong, if so what to do?

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Can't do it that way.

by cmiller5400 In reply to creating master image

You must dis-join from the domain, create the image and then re-join the domain after the computer has been renamed.

The image must also be syspreped. The domain join can be automated by editing the sysprep.inf file.

edit: fix an error.

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Missing step

by MrLoganyc In reply to creating master image

You need to sysprep the image. There is a nice utility out there that will allow you to create one image for all and any hardware called UIU for all sysprep challenged folks..

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one more question

by SystemCheck In reply to Missing step

is there a freeware for this for testing, then what about the product key from the original pc, computer name from original pc?

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When you image...

by cmiller5400 In reply to one more question

You create the base load on the pc, installing what programs etc that you want on the image. Then you sysprep the computer. This REMOVES the computer name, product key etc.

You then image the PC with the imaging application of your choice (such as Ghost, Acronis, Clonezilla etc)

Then you put that image on the PC and boot up. It will prompt you for the PC name, Administrator password, product key etc. This process may be skipped or partially skipped (fields auto filled) by creating a sysprep.inf file by using setupmgr.exe

Just make sure that you are in compliance with all licensing when you do this. Normally for the pay software such as Ghost, you will need a Ghost license for EVERY machine that you put that image on. Also check Microsoft licensing as well.

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