Creating my own WOL Program

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I recently wrote a console application in C that basically allows a person who isn't comfortable with a command line to use two command line utilities to start up and shut down a small group of WinXP computers remotely. This program uses system() to run "PsShutdown" to shut down computers and "mc-wol" to start them again. The program works just fine, but I'd like to boost my programming skills by writing my own shutdown and Wake-On-Lan functions. I've searched the web and didn't come up with much that made sense to me. Where should I get started with this?

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Perhaps this link can help

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One more note...

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I am thinking that perhaps I should start with one or the other...Either the shutdown code or the WOL code. Also, I am comfortable with C++ (though by no means proficient in any programming language). I see that PHP and Ruby have Magic Packet classes. Is there such a thing for C++?

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