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Creating Online forms and Digital Signatures

By cwhitmore ·
I've been looking for an all-in-one solution for creating online forms, publishing them, and creating a facility so employees can digitally sign them. I work for a non-profit so cost was a major issue. By mistake I found E-Forms by Formatta (
Sorry to sound like an advertisement, but after looking at Adobe ($20k+) and some other solutions that didn't come close to what we needed I wanted everyone to know about this product. The package includes the designer which allows you to create the forms from scratch or overlay your existing PDF forms, a viewer program that you can install for free and the manager that allows you to publish and digitally sign each document.

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Digital Signatures - verifiable? transportable?

by yuval.pilavsky In reply to Creating Online forms and ...

The point of signing any document is non-repudiation, and un-hindered verifiability of signer authenticity and data integrity. The digital signatures deployed in Formatta can only be verified using Formatta software. The real value of PKI based signatures is their world-wide transportability and verifiability, with no dependence of any one propriatary software. When you need to keep signed documents in an archive going back 7 or 5 years, from a regulatory perspective your best bet is using standards-based PKI signatures that ensure non-repudiation.

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by vks_cjb In reply to Digital Signatures - veri ...


i would lik to add my digital signatures in all my correspondances.

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Checkout CoSign (ARX)

by yuval.pilavsky In reply to SIGNATURES

If you want a solution for across all users and all applications, checkout:

Particularly effective if you have more than just the odd user, for example: paperless workflow within a Company.

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Formatta does not work!!

by bobfairchild In reply to Creating Online forms and ...

Mistake is right! I tried the Formatta products for few secure/signed documents - the products do not work. The CTO of Formatta tried to sell us but he could not get the stuff to work either.
The bugs are plenty and the signing technology is just bad. So you do the math - bugs + no support = Formatta.

Stick with IBM on this one. They have a REAL product that actually works.

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