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Creating Policies & Procedures

By clindell ·
Can anyone point me in the right direction? As the new IT manager of a small company it quickly became apparent that my predecessors never created any Policies or Procedures. In this company IT serves all department requests and as such, is part of the Administrative group. It is my task to create the Policies & Procedures and document them. I have assisted in, and created some of the Policies & Procedures for the IT/MIS department in the past, but not from scratch. Do any of you have some goodsuggestions for this as it has far reaching implications. I look forward to the challenge and hope for some good words of wisdom from you all.



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Creating Policies & Procedures

by McKayTech In reply to Creating Policies & Proce ...

When it comes to Policy & Procedure, honest plagiarism is not only accepted, it is embraced and you should rarely have to do anything entirely from scratch.

What I've done in the past is get together with folks in similar positions in non-competitive industries (so no trade secret problems arise) and compared notes on how the P&P are formatted. Once I've decided on a format, then I just try to embed current practice in that format to provide a starting point. From there, it can be revised and amended as need be.

When looking for other IS entities to use as models, government agencies are a good pond to fish in as their policies are all public records and presumably they are not in competition with you. So time spent making friends with an IS bureaucrat can be time well spent and you might even get their P&P in electronic form!



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Creating Policies & Procedures

by clindell In reply to Creating Policies & Proce ...

Paul, I feel that plagiarism is an acceptable method as well. I have participated in this past. However I was hoping for more direct information. My posting here was an attempt to solicit Policies & Procedures from some individual who may well have a great set to share. I am currently networking with other IT managers, looking for a good set to follow.

Thanks for trying


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