Creating subdomain in windows 2003 DNS

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I'm trying to create a subdomain of our primary domain name and use it to host a website which

will be located on win2003/IIS machine. Not sure if i'm allowed to post actual domains and IPs

in here so I'll substitue them.

Here's the setup:
NS - Windows 2003 R2 STD server with MS ISA Server, DNS & IIS. This acts as our firewall and

also hosts the website for our primary domain. It has an external static IP of

PF - Windows 2003 R2 STD server with IIS. To be used to host the website.

It has an internal IP address of

We use DynDNS to point to and I've already set up the new A record to point to

Here's what I've done so far:
1. (On NS) Created a rule in ISA server which forwards HTTP requests for to

PF at (original header is forwarded).

2. (On NS) Opened up DNS management and inside the Forward lookup zone for I Created

a Host (A) for with IP address

3. (On PF) Set up the web site in IIS with host header value set to

After these steps the website is visible on our internal network but not externally over the


What steps do i have to take to make the subdomain website visible externally?

I've already read through an article on techrepublic about creating a delegation for the subdomain but it was not at all useful due to lack of detail.

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