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    creating tables with SQL


    by joel m ·

    I’ve started learn ASP and making database driven web sites…I’ve gotten pretty proficient at it, but I want to start making tables dynamically using SQL.

    I’ve found tons of resources on this, and SQL tutorials, but none of them tellme how to make the 2 data types that I need most (in this case).
    -an autonumber field.
    -a memo field

    my questions are these:

    1. what is the syntax to create a table that includes these data types.

    2. are these data types proprietary to MSACCESS? (which would explain why I found no info on them)

    thanks in advance,

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      creating tables with SQL

      by pvp ·

      In reply to creating tables with SQL

      Answering in reverse order:

      No, they’re not proprietary to MS Access. However, the handling of these datatypes varies with products. Sybase uses a numeric datatype with 0 decimal places and the IDENTITY property. MS SQL Server may do it similarly. Oracle does this badly, and not numerically–basically a kludey workaround.

      “Memo” in most dBase-style databases is a separate file. In Sybase and MS SQL Server these BLOBs will be either text or binary datatypes.

      Table creation also varies with the dmbs product. You didn’t mention which one you’re using, so…

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        creating tables with SQL

        by joel m ·

        In reply to creating tables with SQL

        I’m using MS ACCESS…Still looking for the exact syntax on how to create these…I know it’s something to the effect of this:
        CREATE TABLE table_name (name char(20), age integer)

        but I need to know what’s the syntax for the memo, and autonumber fields

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