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creating text specific formulas in excel

By jwehrman ·
I have a page setup similar to that of a checkbook register. Date/Description/Debit/Credit/Balance. I need to get a total for a specific field entered in the Description column that is listed multiple times.
Merl's Plumbing -$27.00
Jake's Shoes -$50.00
Merl's Plumbing -$15.45

I only want a total for Merl's Plumbing.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to creating text specific fo ...

snipped from Excel 2000 Help:
Summarize values that meet conditions by using the Conditional Sum Wizard
If you want to summarize values in a list based on specific conditions, you can use the Conditional Sum Wizard. For example, if your list contains sales amounts for different salespeople, the Conditional Sum Wizard can help you create a formula that calculates the total sales amount for one salesperson.

The Conditional Sum Wizard is an add-in program. If the Conditional Sum command is not on the Wizard submenu on the Tools menu, you need to install and load the add-in program. For more information about add-in programs and how to install and load them, click .

Click a cell in the list.

On the Tools menu, point to Wizard, and then click Conditional Sum.

Follow the instructions in the wizard.

The formulas created by the Conditional Sum Wizard are array formulas. After you edit these formulas, you must press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to lock in the formulas.

Learn about how conditional formulas work.

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by DKlippert In reply to creating text specific fo ...

Sort the entries by Description.
Go to Data Subtotals and choose to Sum Balance for change in Description.
With Description in A and Balance in column E
=SUMIF(B2:B100,"Merl's Plumbing",E2:E100)

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by jwehrman In reply to creating text specific fo ...

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