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Creating User Dir on NT 4 Server

By deangk ·
I need some help with setting up USER dir on NT 4 Server. I have a dir called Users and its shared with full control. I went into user manager for jsmith, clicked on profile and I have jsmith Home Dir connect to U: to \\Servername\Dir\User. I then went into the User Dir and created a folder for jsmith. When jsmith logons to server he sees U: drive and has access but he also has access to the other users folders. What have I done wrong


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here it is

by neelkant In reply to Creating User Dir on NT 4 ...

The reason why this has happened is that when u choose \\Servername\Dir\User that user was given rights to all directories under the user directory. What u have to do now is that go to the individual directories under the user directory and remove the jsmith user from the user list
All the best!!

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Still Not Working

by deangk In reply to here it is

I am currently using the Logon script to allow users acess to the "USERS" directory. I can logon as jsmith, I use Explorer to connect to the "Users" Dir, not only does jsmith have access to his folder but also to mbrown, etc. Also when I go to the User Manager select jsmith under profile I just have Logon Script Name selected.

Here is my logon script

@echo off

@echo Executing Logon Script ...

@set server_name=\\Bus-Server01

@echo Welcome to server %server_name%

@echo Connecting Network Drives ...
@net use f: /delete > nul
@net use f: /home > nul
@net use g: /delete > nul
@net use g: %server_name%\Public
@net use k: /delete > nul
@net use k: %server_name%\Printers
@net use u: /delete > nul
@net use U: %server_name%\users

@echo Done
@net use
@echo Done
@echo Logon Script successfully completed


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I figured it out

by deangk In reply to Creating User Dir on NT 4 ...

In the logon scrip I had
Net Use f: /home > nul
I changed it to
Net Use f: %srver_name%\users

I also made the following change in User manager

connect F: to \\servername\userdir\username

** The one thing that drove me crazy is I couldntget it to work by checking the radial button uner local path and using \\servername\userdir\%username%


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