creating VPN client

By snabibax ·
I have a Site to Site IPSec VPN up and running between the local office and the remote office. I have cisco 1800 series routers on both ends.

The task at hand for me is that the local server should be able to directly access the remote server. I'd like to create for our the remote server a vpn client account that will enable that server get a static IP on connecting such that the local server can get direct access.

I need help with this or if there is some other way that I can achieve my objective, I'd be grateful to know about it.

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by robo_dev In reply to creating VPN client

You have a point-to-point VPN, with servers at the two sites....

And you want to use a VPN client to connect servers at the two sites together?

I'm totally confused; if you have a point-to-point VPN, the two servers should already be able to talk to each other....

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by snabibax In reply to Clarify

Maybe I should have pointed out that I have to servers at my local location. The first local server makes requests to the remote server but the remote server only responds to the requests by initiating a session to the second local server and not the first. So actually the scenerio is that remote server initiates session with the second local server whereas the first local server initiates the session with the remote serveri in response. The local servers are on the same LAN segment while the remote LAN for the remote server is

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Now I am twice as confused

by robo_dev In reply to creating VPN client

If you have a point-to-point VPN, the two networks are interconnected, so that there should be a route between point A and point B. Normally, a point-to-point VPN connection is no different than connecting an ethernet cable between the two networks, for all intents and purposes.

I don't know of any TCP/IP or network service that does service initialization on demand, but then again I am not sure what you are doing exactly or your network topology.

What OS or application are on your servers that is doing some sort of on-demand session initiation? That sounds like something a VPN client or automated FTP process does.

IF you have requests that are sent from one server, and it responds to a different server, that sounds like either there is a service that is configured to do that, or there is a route configured in a router or load balancer to direct network traffic to a particular destination.

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by snabibax In reply to Now I am twice as confuse ...

but how do I set up the client if I wanted to. Can you direct me with this?

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