Creating XHTML with PERL

By harlananelson ·
If I had the following task, and I wanted a static web site not dynamic, can Perl be used to accomplish the task or is there something better?

I have a web site. I have an XHTML template for an index.html file with a navication bar and a content section. I want to replicate the template in each subdirectory. There is a text file in each sub directory and picture files. I want the text file to be in the content section, and image statements linking to the pictures. The navigation bar has to show its sub directory as well as the other sub directories and the root.

The best I can tell is XML::Simple is the best way to go. What do you think? I think a system like this would allow me to change the original template and then run the Perl code to have the change propogated to the entire web site. I can change the pictures or the content in any sub directory and run the Perl code to have the changes take effect. This would make updating the web site very easy.

I would like to know what solutions there are.

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