Creative Audigy PCI Sound Card problem (No sound)

By adriancarthy ·
i am trying to install a PCI sound card and am having trouble with sound. The card is detected once windows is loaded and there are no device conflicts in device manager. I have removed all other expansion cards and i have upgraded to the latest drivers. I have checked the speakers (these are fine) and both the windows and creative sound/volume utilities are correct. However i still have no sound output (for any type of audio format). My understanding of PCI technology is limited but am i correct in assuming that PCI-X is backward compatible with PCI and therefore the card should work in a PCI-X slot? Does anyone have any ideas on what else this could be or is it possible that i have a faulty card?
(I am using a Supermicro PDSM4 with Windows XP Pro SP2)

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I assume that sound is not built into the motherboard?

by robo_dev In reply to Creative Audigy PCI Sound ...

If so, then be sure to disable it in Bios. Windows can get very confused with respect to onboard audio versus sound cards.

I would also make sure that some other device that's integrated into the motherboard is not causing a conflict...so try disabling integrated devices that you're not using.

Since windows can see it, it's one of three things:

1) faulty or incorrect drivers
2) faulty sound card

I would try it in another slot, and from there assume that the card has failed.

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I thought PCI-Express was Graphics-only...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Creative Audigy PCI Sound ...

... or at the very least, only suitable for a bespoke, PCI-E specific, soundcard (like the X-Fi range).

Don't you have a spare, free, standard PCI expansion slot?

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What else should i try?

by adriancarthy In reply to I thought PCI-Express was ...

Thanks for your suggestions. The only expansion slots available are PCI-x (2 x 133MHz and 2 x 100MHz) I have removed all other cards. I have disabled any other onboard device in BIOS that i am not using (Onboard scsi and one network port) and unfortunately this is has not helped. I am starting to think that it might be a faulty card because as far as i can see there are no conflicts. drivers are uptodate (and reinstalled numerous times). The system is a pretty fresh install and the only programs on it at the moment is Windows XP SP2 and Office. Because i am not used to installing sound cards i am just not sure if it is something that i have done. If any one has anyother suggestions i would love to try them :)

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I have same problem - it is NOT faulty card

by grant In reply to What else should i try?

hi there,
did you ever get to bottom of this?

I have purchased 6 Audigy SE pci cards for some DL120 1U servers - I needed to buy the pci-x riser option to accommodate the cards.

Card is seen by windows - drivers install from creative disc, all apps & sliders work but I cannot get any sound whatsoever.

I have also checked the cards in an ML35) tower with starighjt pci-x slot and the card worked first time once drivers installed.

Curiously though on the dl120 - pluggedin external creative usb sound and the windows usb sound driver picked it upp right away and worked.

Am completely baffled by this - so if you got any further I would like to know - i will post response from HP if they ever come back tome.

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