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By usmc2033 ·
Okay, I will try and be succinct as I can.

I work from home. My home is in the boondocks, 25 miles from the nearest town.

My internet access is limited to a weak DSL system with 3 MB max down load speed, so VOIP has proved unreliable in past attempts. Alternate suggestions, here are welcome, perhaps there is improved technology I have not tried.

Need to upgrade phone system. Tried this gadget with limited, and poor success, in upgrading my analog cordless landline based system. It was supposed to utilize my cell phone as a cordless headset, via WiFi. Great idea, and was hoping it would be my panacea to my problems. If there is an alternative, I would very much appreciate some feedback.

My desire is to find and alternate communication system, to leverage technology to the fullest extent possible here within my limited resources.

I would like to integrate my Google Home mini here as well if possible. Is there a way to utilize the Google Home Mini to make a standard analog phone, dial calls and/or receive calls, via voice commands with a some kind of cordless land line phone.

The one I am leaning towards is this one. But am unsure if this is the best choice.

I need a very clear, noise cancelling speaker phone, for crystal clear communications, voice dialing would be outstanding.

Efficiency and reliability is where I am heading here, by using my Home Mini, as a speaker phone, voice typing, voice web searching, any way to make me faster at what I do.

Ideal solution would be a landline cell phone docking and charging system that utilizes the cell phones contacts but dials out/receives calls on my landline.

Ideas, suggestions, comments, are all welcome. I am most positive there are some tech whizzes out there that have already solved this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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