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    Creativity leaving IT jobs


    by prefbid ii ·

    After more than 20 years of doing things in and around IT, I am finally leaving to do something different and challenging. I’ll stick around TechRepublic — I like this place. However, I think I have had enough of IT as a career.

    I’ll admit that the initial choice to leave wasn’t really mine. I got laid off from a very senior management position. The lay off, though, has given me time to reflect on what I really like doing and why. As I reflected on my career, I came to realize that I had gotten into a rut. I was no longer looking forward to going to work. In fact, I think I was beginning to dread it. I would occasionally get an interesting assignment, but the routine and mundane parts of the job seemed to become a bigger portion of the job.

    This seemed to become more and more true as more layoffs created an environment of less flexibility in what could be done. The routine stuff has to be done, the creative parts are optional. With fewer staff, the creative parts of IT was what suffered the most from each layoff (from the perspective of one who was left behind).

    It took a few months for me to realize what the real source of my frustration was and then to figure out what type of job I needed to go for. What I discovered is that there are a lot of jobs outside of IT that benefit greatly from IT type skills. However, they don’t expect and won’t let you do the routine IT work.

    On top of that, because they require a fairly technically savvy person, they pay nearly as well as IT.

    Essentially, the fun parts of IT have been out-sourced to other departments.

    Have I hit on something here?

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      Such as……

      by bradcoll ·

      In reply to Creativity leaving IT jobs

      out of curiosity, what other jobs outside of IT have you come up with that would employ someone with nothing but IT experience

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      No I have to disagree with you here

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Creativity leaving IT jobs

      IT is a Technical Position and as such any other Technical Type Job will benefit from IT Experience but it doesn’t just have to be IT Experience it could be Experience from any other Related Technical Field that can do these jobs.

      Many of these Jobs just require some degree of Technical Ability like for instance a Job at the Electricity Ombudsman’s Office who works and finalizes Bill Complaints doesn’t require an Electrician with experience of repairing servicing Meters but it does help a lot. However the Reality is that anyone can do this type of work and quite often do. You could be a Clerk with absolutely no experience from within the Public Service and they could measure their success or otherwise by the number of Complaints that they finalize in a set time. That however may not mean that those making the complaints are satisfied with the outcome just that the complaints get finalized and the results look good internally.

      Where as a Technician will look at all the possibilities and realize that because something may be written down doesn’t necessarily mean that it is correct or that it may mean something completely different to what at a cursory look it appears to mean. These people will not finalize as many cases in the same period of time as they are required to do more work and put more into each complaint but they do generally speaking get better Outcomes with all parties being satisfied or at least not as peeved off as they could be.

      But back to your original complaint you are in a Rut or at least where. This can be directly traced to you and no one else. Way too many people take promotion believing that it is the way forward where they can become better than what they where but the reality is that it isn’t. If you are happy in the job any job promotion only means more money maybe and most of the time less satisfaction at work. If you have this Mind Set that you have to be Promoted to be Successful you will end up int he same position again no matter what it is you end up doing. Some people are much happier keeping their Hands Dirty so to speak and doing what they love doing and some like to Manage.

      The problems start occurring when you force a Worker into Management when they don’t want this job and believe that they have to accept it because it shows that they are successful. Changing Jobs without changing that Mind Set will just result in a recurrence of what it was that you disliked about working in IT.


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      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to Creativity leaving IT jobs

      appears to be leaving everywhere. Downhill is like that.

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      Prefbid II

      by santeewelding ·

      In reply to Creativity leaving IT jobs

      You touch a nerve.

      Can you tell?

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      loss of creativity

      by jck ·

      In reply to Creativity leaving IT jobs

      It’s rampant across all sectors, and I think it’s because of one thing: the rampant push for “efficiency” or “streamlining”.

      The time that people in IT used to have as being a programmer or DBA or web-designer has now often been trumped by the push to have people wear “multiple hats” and be as “dynamic” as possible.

      Whereas someone used to be able to work in a specialty and have freedom to be creative, they are now driven to be as flexible and time-effcient as possible…hence, leaving little time for thought and pondering which is where creativity and inspiration comes from.

      I know a lot of jobs are like that too, even outside of IT. Our department secretary not only does scheduling and phones and all, but she’s also the backup web person and budget handler.

      So, I think the drive within the workplace to coalesce duties into as few people/positions as possible has driven creativity away more than anything.

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