Credential Maager

By dogknees ·
I am seeing a strange error in this sub-system.

I have a share mapped in Explorer under a different ID to the one I'm logged in under. When I click that mapped drive, the system prompts me for credentials (Credential Manager Single Sign On). I select the appropriate login and it tries to connect.

This is where it gets weird. It fails and when it displays the login name, it has all characters duplicated. Instead of "gbadmin", it shows "ggaaddmmiinn". This has got to be the best Windows bug I've ever seen.

Anyone have the same issue?

Anyone know how to get it to work reliably? This doesn't happen every time. If it fails and I immediately re-try with the same credentials, it works.

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What's this on?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Credential Maager

Assuming that it continues to work on the second/third attempt it very much sounds as if the system is caching the Sing On Credentials and not using what you enter.

But as different versions of Windows work differently so without knowing which version of Windows this is happening on it's very hard to suggest anything.


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Windows 7

by dogknees In reply to What's this on?

I'm not sure how the caching would give the specific behaviour I'm seeing. I certainly have never entered "ggaaddmmiinn" at any point.

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