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Credit card

By nmsismail ·
I am a student,want transaction of online money to my account.Do student have any oppurtunity to get a credit card or any other option to deposit online money?.Please help me immly.

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by Alex.Yen In reply to Credit card

You may apply & online.
Good luck!

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Online Transaction

by micxba In reply to Banking

There is a site called where you can do Moneyorder, Pay to Credit Card etc. Online. Never really checked it out but they claim they are secure.

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PayPal online

by sm6otry In reply to Online Transaction

I have been using PayPal for several months now with great success. It requires you have a credit card or bank account to put money into it. It can give you money by transfering it to your accounts or sending you a money order. It is great to buy and sell things on the net.

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Zero Iinternet Credit Security

by Al Macintyre In reply to Online Transaction

How does your phone call get to the alleged secure site? It is going through some ISP & a bunch of phone lines. Your account # & PIN number travel the internet unencrypted plain text for any hacker sniffer to such up & steal from.

The promises of security on any site are only as good as the management of the company wanting to live up to their promises, the competence of their computer staff, and so long as they stay in business. When they go out of business all bets are off.

VISA saysCredit Card Fraud is SEVEN TIMES more likely to happen to you on the internet than off of it. The FBI is beating up on companies to take security seriously & do stuff that was published decades ago that companies should do.

If you use a card on internet, use a different account number just for internet & keep balance that can be added by thieves low - the laws do not protect you on internet as much as in real life - in fact the balance of laws favor the corrupt business more than they favorthe honest customer, so internet buyer beware.

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Begin some place

by Al Macintyre In reply to Credit card

Most banks will let you have a card if you have enough money in the bank to cover it & if you pay their bills on time.

Here is how to get a fantastic credit rating in a short time. Figure out how much money you can afford to throw away to buy a credit rating ... like $25.00 for example.

Go to a bank & get a loan on something, like refinance your car, in which you promise to pay back $500.00 on a certain schedule of payments. Stick the money in some other bank account so it is earning interest before you pay it back ... not as much interest as the loan is, but some.

Pay back the loan FASTER than the contract allowed for ... always pay before the due date & always pay more than the amount due.

When you are done, the bank that loaned you the money tells all the credit bureaus that you are a great credit risk & you will be inundated with banks trying to get you to take their credit cards with really big limits & low rates.

There are books filled with tips like this for people who want to learn how to manage their personal finances.

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by 60 In reply to Credit card
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html test

by ruv In reply to Credit card

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