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Creeper Alert in the Workplace!!!

By DMambo ·
Do you have the creepy person in your office?

In my plant there's this one mid-50's woman who really gives me the willies. Yesterday, I was running some cable near the employees entrance and this woman, I'll call her Yolanda, must have walked past me at least a dozen times. EVERY time she passed, she had to stop and talk to me, and most of the time she speaks to me, she seems to have the need to actually <shudder> touch me. Now, I have some pretty critical personal space needs and physical contact is a Level 10 Red Zone violation of that. The worst was when I was crouched down punching down the jacks and she crouched down next to me and rubbed my back saying that it looked like I was really working hard.

Excuse me while I lay in the fetal position sucking my thumb for a few minutes.

I'm back, thank you for your patience. Anyway, this happens all the time. She'll call my office to tell me she needs to stop by for something, then tell me that she needs her PW reset or something equally mundane. She'll stop me in the hall to tell me that someone else that she spoke with will be calling me. She will always come to my office when her issue could be handled remotely or over the phone. And it's not just me, I know that there are others here, men and women, that she drives crazy with her visits and her touching. Worst of all, she smokes and smells like Pittsburgh in the 60's

Now I'm not looking for suggestions on what to do about this. It's too late for me. I'm just curious if this type of person is found everywhere. Is this type of behavior more common in the US? Do you have one, male or female, where you work? How do you handle it and do you have any funny stories about it?

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I'm the only "normal" person here

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Creeper Alert in the Work ...

I'm kidding, of course. I'm actually that creepy woman who wants to stop you in the hall and rub your back. I know... if you were a little more relaxed, we could even hold hands and skip, but I digress...

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I've never met anyone in IT who could be considered 'normal'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm the only "normal" per ...

Present company excepted, of course

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I have always said

by jdclyde In reply to I've never met anyone in ...

that I am perfectly normal, it is everyone else in the world that is F'ed up.

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Speaking of which

by maecuff In reply to I've never met anyone in ...

I was informed today, by the tech support guys, that I am weird. In their words, f*cked up. But not in a bad way.

I argued that everyone is f*cked up in their own special way. They agreed, but also said that I still fell out of the 'normal' category.

I had no idea.

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I had no idea either

by DMambo In reply to Speaking of which

But this makes me see you in a whole new light.

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"Always the last to know...."

by jdclyde In reply to Speaking of which
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by DMambo In reply to "Always the last to know. ...

You're just asking for facial rearrangement, aren't you?

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Never been called THAT kind of baiter before..... ;\

by jdclyde In reply to Maebaiter

and I have no idea what you are talking about.


<img src="">

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Was there anything new here

by The Scummy One In reply to Speaking of which

except the 'but not in a bad way' comment?

What, you never knew?? how many shovel weilders do you know? Out of them, how many are fascinated with carrying ice pics???

c'mon, you knew, just never admitted it to yourself

Dont get mad -- especially at me :0 , I am just 'informing' you of what everyone else 'automatically' knows

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That would be true

by maecuff In reply to Was there anything new he ...

except I've never hit another human with a shovel. I just fantasize about it.

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