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Creepy or not?

By janett197855 ·
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Hi all
I'm going to studying in UoM later this year. Curious about the security systems in the school and that;s why I'm here.
I know that there should be many cameras in the campus in order to ensure the safety for students.
It really makes sense. However, will there be cameras in the dorm?
It's relatively a more private area... comare to the campus.
If there are cameras in the dorm, how do we know the videos won't get, let's say, downloaded by others?
The point is that it makes me feel uncomfortable if I'm recorded but I don't know it. That's creepy.
I even search for some security camera companies and found that they do facial analysis. Will my data expose or something?
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To the subject title, tell UoM it's creepy.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Creepy or not?

As to the question of videos getting downloaded by others, what's unknown here? Data leaks are in the news almost daily so it's a safe bet that video files and data will leak.

Maybe your best defense is to wear your face mask and at least a towel.

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Don't worry about it

by cindy19851111 In reply to Creepy or not?

Basically if the school is using normal vms, the functions are not that strong so there won't be issues like your face getting saved. Only higher class vms, like milestone, briefcam, skyrec, with AI analytics function will possibly save your picture. But they all deal with the data pretty well to not to violate the GDPR.

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