Cross Browser Problems?

By Tyharo ·
I've been making a website a a hobby for the last half year and today i noticed a problem. I usually use latest version of firefox or IE to view my site but when i tried to view it in google chrome the size of the sections in my tables were all messed up and it did not look like what it did in dreamweaver or on other browsers. How can i fix this issue?

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You have to apply CSS depending on user-agent strings.

by seanferd In reply to Cross Browser Problems?

This, or keep it so simple that it looks mostly the same in any browser.

This generally means hand-tuning the HTML and CSS. Without seeing the site or code, no one can offer a specific suggestion.

Plenty of professionally maintained sites can have the same problems (<i>cough cough</i>), so don't feel bad.

edit: here's a chrome extension that might help you out:
(Stylebot extension)
There are tons of other developer extensions as well, which would be handy for observing and editing the page behavior in Chrome, like Firebug.

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Relayout your content

by kingecg In reply to Cross Browser Problems?

Try to layout your content use div+table+css. An example you can find is Grid widget in Dojo

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