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Cross domain authentication

By andrew.gough ·
I was wondering if anyone can help with an issue we're having since reorganising our domain structure, if not, perhaps the 'spitballing' approach may bear more fruit than my un-successfull googling.

We recently moved from a single domain, containing 1 primary, and 3 satelite offices, to having 4 separate domains with FQ domain names:

There is no container domain of:

Now with two way trusts set between domains, it is not possible to change peoples passwords from the satelite offices, without logging onto the central domain.

All users can use resources, but have to use their login for the primary site to access exchange email ... e.g


Can anyone suggest something I can try to allow individuals to change their passwords locally?, it's becoming a administrative nightmare, i imagine a container domain of would allow this, but surely trusts should be the answer!!!.

Primary site is predominantly win 2003 server, satelite sites have min win 2k


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