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Cross-Platform Mouse Problem

By Jerry_TDS ·
One of our users has a problem with mouse movement response that has me baffled. Here's the setup:

Program: Mondello (hefty graphics program)
Mondello OS: HP-Unix
Workstation OS: Windows ME
Link software: Exceed 6.0

Mondello used to live on a Sun station running Solaris. Nobody had any problems with mouse movement. Then it was moved to an HP-Unix machine. Now one user (out of 5) has very slow, jumpy response to his mouse when he selects objects in a drawing and tries to do anythingwith them.

I compared his settings with a user who has no problems. Their machines are almost identical, their mouse settings (Windows and Exceed) are nearly identical, they're using the same version of all software involved (except, perhaps, the mouse driver, because they have slightly different mice).

Logically, the problem should be either in HP-Unix or in Exceed. But how can I isolate and identify it? Where should I look now?

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You can isolate...

the problem by identifying if it really is the mouse or the software. Swap out the mice and install extra drivers. Do not un-install previous drivers, though. Install different mice and test each. Hardware compatibility is a major problem especiallywith graphics programs as most of the input is rodent/tablet related. The Exceed web-support should be able to fill you in on this. In any case, rodents cost little to nothing these days...

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