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    CrossLoop for windows inside of Linux


    by statykserver ·

    This is directed to CrossLoop and not about other types of remote connectivity. (although there are lots like VNC, TightVNC, Ultra… etc. etc.)

    After seeing this thread
    and trying out the program I thought it was a very helpful program to help others (friends and family) with their problems on the computer.

    But since I mainly use Linux I thought it was bothersome to have to boot into windows just to use this tool.
    So since I’ve been using a program called Virtualbox that lets you install other Operating Systems inside of Linux and Windows, I thought well lets see if it works inside of the virtual Windows that is actually running inside of my Linux system. It did work perfectly and I thought it was cool to say the least.
    So If you would like to see a screenshot of it here it is

    So crossloop is a cool tool for those end users who don’t know enough about computers to set up a vnc server. And Virtualbox is a cool tool for both Windows users and Linux users. I’m just sharing this with you guys hoping you will find it as useful a tool as I have.


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      Thanks and I am also happy to let you know….

      by mrinal.desai ·

      In reply to CrossLoop for windows inside of Linux

      …that we do plan to make CrossLoop available on Linux and Mac. We are small with limited resources so please bear with us until then

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        there’s a whole world waiting to help ;)

        by neon samurai ·

        In reply to Thanks and I am also happy to let you know….

        When last I checked it out, CrossLoop looked like a clean little program reminicent of the early ICQ versions; a clean, small program that does it’s one thing very well.

        From what I’ve been able to see, there’s not really a Linux based desktop shareing program that shares the current user’s X desktop across the network to the host;

        – vnc opens a new session like MS Terminal Server

        – SSH is great but again, runs in secondary sessions after the local user’s session.

        This might be just the variation needed; local user clicks “share” button, remote user get’s forward of local’s desktop session.

        I suspect it’d be pretty easy to get a developer community involved if you ever decided that a FOSS software license fit with your business strategy.

        I’ll look forward to tinkering with the Linux version in whatever form you release though.

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      Pretty slick tool!

      by rascal1981 ·

      In reply to CrossLoop for windows inside of Linux

      Thanks for the link on this and the info. I haven’t heard of this tool before but I could definitely see where it could come in handy!

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      vnc server setup

      by kurt17 ·

      In reply to CrossLoop for windows inside of Linux

      What could be easier than setting up a VNC server?

      yum -y install vncserver



      /etc/init.d/vncserver start

      And you’re done!

      How can anyone make that simpler?

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        believe it or not, they did make it simpler

        by neon samurai ·

        In reply to vnc server setup

        1. run program
        2. enter contact ip
        3. press “share” button


        VNCserver is pretty easy to setup on your local machine but that means installing another always-on deamon and opening a network port or overcomplicating the whole job with install and uninstall directions before and after.

        Also, I don’t belive you can get a shared view of a user’s current X session the way you get the user’s current win32 desktop session. If you can, I could make use of that information but so far I’ve not figured out how.

        Now, in windows, you open the VNCserver shortcut, enter your password in the form and hit “start”. That’s even easier (graphically less threatening at least) than our Linux process but still not as easy as “run this, enter my ip in the form field, press the start button.”

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      crossloop fiasco

      by petremure ·

      In reply to CrossLoop for windows inside of Linux

      Alas, I tried CL with a friend, just to see how it goes, but was unable to connect. When clicking the button, it just stood there, connecting (sic), and no joy. Too bad, I liked the idea. So, I’m back to Advantig’s Oneclick…

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        Can I help you…

        by mrinal.desai ·

        In reply to crossloop fiasco

        ….out by learning more about what exactly you tried? Did you both have the same the access code? This is not possible unless you tried EXACTLY when our servers were down yesterday for a few minutes
        We can also have tech support work with you
        You can email me at mrinald[at]

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