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Where do i start??? i have been laying down a local area network star topology at our company using normal CAT 5E UTP cable. Thing is our factory and accounts office are abit far apart around 65meters apart----we have three computers in the accounts department which already are LANed and running on winxp---iwantd to add other 3 machines from the factory on the LAN and i did this by interconnecting two hubs/swithches i.e the accounts one and the factory one with a crossover cable? both LANS (factory and accounts) are working ok independently but as soon as i connect the crossover cable the network fails--funny thing is if i connect the crossover cable directly to a PC!! the PC connects fine without a hitch but conecting it to the hub gives me a continous error blink!!! the accounts swicth is a 24PORT(CNET POWER SWITCH CNSH 1600) N-WAY SWITCH while the factory one is an 8PORT CNET switch--av used a LAN tester and tested all ma cabling and crimping so am certain the cabling is ok so ma wonder is why the crossover between the switches is not working---we really need the interconnection?? how comes the crossover to a PC directly is working??? AV TRIED different switches in the factory, tried down-grading the PC's speed & duplex from auto to 10mbps full duplex but still to no avail---any help will be highly appreciated.

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port to port


if your using a standard switch port, the cabling is straight through not cross over.

now on Cisco switches, the uplink ports use crossover, hubs [true hubs with uplink ports] the cabling is crossover.

check you switch mfgs documentation.

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CG is correct

by Langlier In reply to port to port

Just adding that the reason your PC can connect is likely that the switch will have auto-sensing for PCs and will identify the cable being used to connect them. A traditional hub will not.

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problem in connecting my laptops thru a crossover cable

by atish.kathpal In reply to CROSSOVER NETWORK CABLING ...

I hv bought a new laptop and want to transfer data from my old one to the new one...this wud be sum 40GB of data so i got myself a crosscable...but the thing is that i m not able to set a link btw the 2 laptops...i used the network setup wizard on both laptops(both xp) but they r not detecting each other...getting no response on using ping as well....HELP!

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