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By another_crazy_somebody ·
my network at home is not working im just using a cross over cable its only a network between 2 computers i have adsl what should i set the ip's as the dsn's and the gateway's and the subnet marsks if u could help plz i need it

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to crossover network

Does your ADSL modem have more than one LAN port, is it also a router? If not, you can just get a cheap 4 port switch and connect the WAN port of the modem to one of the LAN ports of the switch. The RJ45 cable may have come with the modem.

If your ADSL modem was meant to be used with a single PC, it may have come with just a USB cable. It would help to know the model of the modem and which ports it has.

If your modem is also a router, or if you connect the modem to a switch, you also need two RJ45 flyleads (CAT5 cables)to connect the two computers to the same router or switch.

ADSL modems support DHCP and get their external IP address from the ISP. If it is also a router, an ADSL modem comes preconfigured with an internal IP address, e.g. You need to read the documentation to see what the address is.

If it is secondhand, it may need some sort of a factory reset to set it to a known configuration.

Usually ADSL modems provide a DHCP and DNS server for the internal LAN, therefore you can just set your TCP/IP properties to obtain the IP address and DNS server address automatically.

However, the following will show you how do it manually.

Set the first PC with an IP address in the same subnet, for example, subnet mask The gateway must be the same as the internal IP address of the ADSL modem. The DNS server address can be the internal IP address of the ADSL modem if has a proxy DNS server, otherwise it the IP address of the DNS server of your ISP.

It is perhaps best just to select to use DHCP and let the DNS address be obtained automatically in the TCP/IP settings of the PC.

You should be able to ping the ADSL modem from the PC:

ping (or whatever the actual IP address of the modem is)

You will see the indicator light on the LAN port of modem or switch PC flash as a sign of activity.

When your PC gets response back to the ping, you can try to access the administration ap

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to

application in the ADSL modem through your favourite browser.

Type in the IP address of the IP address of the ADSL modem to the address bar of the browser and hit Enter. The login screen will pop up. You will find the default administrator name and password in the modem documention. The instructions from your ISP will help you to set the connection settings.

Once you get one of the PCs working and browsing the internet, set the second one in the same way, just using a different IP address, e.g., unless you let the DHCP server running in the ADSL modem allocate the address automatically.

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by hozcanhan In reply to crossover network

toivo gave you good advice and in length . If you have LAN ports on the ADSL good , but you can't use that cable to connect to the ADSL . Use straight cable not cross over . If NOT have a usb adsl . Now . Before going to the adsl modem , use static ip and a correct netmask ( i.e ) is fine enough . ping one computer from the other . if the link is ok , go to the next step. configure the ADSL .
use a static ip for the lan port of the adsl as well . best for you to manage . then on the computer use the wizard to create the connection to internet. go through the connected permanently through a gateway option . In the final stages go to the advanced tab and check "I will share this link with other computers" . On the computer that does have the usb adsl , go through the same procedure , except choose the correct internet connection by accepting "I connect through a permanent connection like hub...etc.." . On the LAN settings tab in the advanced menu fill in the asked parts .

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to crossover network

Yes the above two responses are totally correct. It would be nice to know how the modem is being attached to the first computer if it is by USB cable you'll really need a USB 2 connection to get the best results but if you have an RJ45 socket in the Modem something like a telephone socket only with 8 connections and not the 4 that the telephone uses you can also use a second NIC card to the computer that connects directly to the modem and Bridge the two LAN connections.

If you have a USB connection you should have been provided with a install CD which loads a program and allows you to configure the ADSL Modem through the software and all you need do is set your user name and password and it should work.

Once you get an Internet connection with the first computer you can then run the Network Setup Wizard and allow other computers to connect to the Internet through this computer you'll have to enable File & printer sharing to do this. Once you have run the Network Setup Wizard on the first computer you then can either make a Floppy and use it on the other computer or use the XP install CD or if the other computer is running XP you can just start the Network Setup Wizard from the Control Panel and when this is running select Manual Network Setup and chose this computer connects to the Internet through a residential Gateway or LAN and enable File & Printer Sharing when you run this wizard as well.

If you have a RJ 45 Socket on the Modem use it and forget about the setup software that was supplied by the ISP as USB connections are inherently unreliable the only time I've seen them used here in AU is on self install Kits where the owner sets up the Internet connection at their own risk. If the ISP is setting up the connection they always use the RJ 45 connections or CAT 5 Cables as they do not need to install any software which may trash the OS of the computer that they are connecting to the Internet.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Also for ADSL Internet connections you'll need to install Filters on every extension and not just the telephone connection that the Modem is on and if you have one of those 2 outlet Filters make sure that you have the ADSL Modem connected to the right socket and not the telephone socket as it will never work properly that way.


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by dmiles In reply to crossover network

The server computer is acting as a router in this setup. It has two network cards, one is connected to the DSL/Cable line, the other network card is connected to Workstation 1 by means of a crossover cable.
The server computer is running NAT software like ICS, Wingate, or Sygate.
The server actually has two IP numbers. From the Internet or the WAN, the server is known as However, from the inside, the server can be accessed as the WAN and the LAN (
You cannot access the LAN IP number from the Internet (WAN).
This configuration does not require a hub or switch.

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