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By mspv ·
I?ve been involved with this particular company for nearly seven years now, initially starting out in what was a small business in the capacity of a technician role, and gradually working my way up to an Engineer/Second in charge role, in what is now a moderate sized company with very small but growing bases in a couple of different countries, and an IT staff of around 20. The existing role I?m working in is very people and project management focused ,with a little bit of a strategic role thrown in, and I?ve learnt a lot from it, and gained a lot of important real-life experience dealing with all of the afore-mentioned areas. I?ve worked very hard, and have been extremely career focused thus far.

Time has been passing far too quickly, and I decided that I would leave the company for new opportunities in a foreign country. As such I was granted a Canadian working visa, and have started making plans to move there.

Opportunity has however, knocked. The IT Manager of my company has decided to leave the company, and I have essentially been offered the position. This would be an amazing opportunity to gain some additional management experience, and I am certain it would heighten my future employment prospects, all before I turn thirty.

However, I also feel the urge to have a look around the world, and perhaps gain a similar position elsewhere. Given my experience in the second-in-charge role, the engineering background, and the degrees/certs (BS Information Systems, MCSE, etc.) I have, I may be able to obtain such a management position elsewhere, but I?m not sure how difficult this may be in (what is at least perceived to be) such a tight job market in Europe & North America.

I?d really appreciate any input from all of you out there about what you think about this, and what you would do in this situation, if you were in my shoes. In some respects this really is a great situation to be in, however it?s quite a confusing, and I am not really sure what the best decision to make really is.

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If you like the company...

by Matthew Moran In reply to Crossroads

I would stay. The opportunity to be placed in a management role - get the title even before you get additional pay - is a great resume booster. It is one that you can take with you anywhere in a year or two.

However, if your wanderlust is a greater drive and you believe you may be frustrated by staying, then go.

If you are reasonably ambitious and intelligent, this will not be the last opportunity you ever see.

Did you notice I was able to give you an answer without committing to a single decision? Sneaky of me.

Matthew Moran
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