croupt the Windows XP

By ghutlu_art ·
i wnat to croupt the windows xp when the OS is running.

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Say what?

by zlitocook In reply to croupt the Windows XP

You want to corrupt Wndows XP? Why, and it seems to do a good job on it's own. Are you a programmer or a developer and want to see how it works? Or just a script kiddy looking to mess with Microsoft?
Why would you want to corrupt Windows XP?

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To Corrupt XP

by w2ktechman In reply to croupt the Windows XP

open IE
run a search for your favorite Internet site. Open said site.

System is now corrupted.... lol

Ok, for real, what are you trying to do (and be specific). There are many ways to corrupt the system, both accidentally or on purpose. I could say to **** away some reg. keys, but it all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.
But if you are trying to learn to be a cracker, you are in the wrong place.

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Or they could always install XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to To Corrupt XP

And then run it without any AV Product and never install any Male Ware Cleaners that would do a fairly good quick job at corrupting XP while it's running.

If I remember correctly you should have about 5 minutes on the Internet before your system is compromised maybe less if you where to visit some Porn Sites as I could almost guarantee that the nanosecond that you open the first Porn Site in IE in that configuration you would have some critical infections and various pieces of Male Ware installed.

If you want to know any more you would have to offer a far better reason on why you wish to corrupt XP while it's running and what you are attempting to actually do. As others here have already said we are IT Pros who Hate Script Kiddies with a vengeance because they make our work so much harder and unless you are involved in some Legal Penetration testing I don't think that anyone here would give you directions on how to do what you are asking because that would make our lives that much harder and none of us want that.


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Male Ware??? -- lol

by w2ktechman In reply to Or they could always inst ...

My guess would be that you meant malware. But I guess if the wrong porn sites were hit, it cold be Male Ware....

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Boy am I asking for it!

by zlitocook In reply to Male Ware??? -- lol

It should be femalemalware because Every time I work on my mother in laws computer thats what it is.
Ok just shot me now. :)

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But you are right!

by w2ktechman In reply to Boy am I asking for it!

90% of the systems with Malware, are my brothers (and he is like a girlieman)(well, one of them at least), and the females in the office who click on all of the 'cutsie' links and ads that they see. After all, if it is 'cute' its harmless, right?

Oops, I think that I opened myself up for a flaming attack. So I will try to avert some of it
Dont Get Me Wrong Women!
I am not saying that all of you do this, but there are some, that I have to deal with, that are constantly doing this. Even 2 minutes after rebuilding the system and telling them to avoid these spyware sites, I turn around and they are already downloading this crap again (I have been forced to start blocking IE sites from the registry on their systems).

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Well most men do not

by zlitocook In reply to But you are right!

Down load the screen saver update or the weather on your task bar. But most men will down load the newest bikini update for wall paper or hop on the first site that lets them blog.
Ether way it is a pain as most of these will slow a computer down or install the bad stuff.

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If the OS is running

by Tig2 In reply to croupt the Windows XP

XP is corrupted.

Why in the world do you want to do it on command? I have to assume that you want to send a command to a pc running XP that results in corruption. Or send a file that triggers such a command.

Why in the world would any sane person do such a thing?

Oh wait... you are a secret agent operative, right? If I give you the answer, does that mean that I am eligible for big payoffs from your government???

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