By madanmule ·
i have a CRT Colour monitor which displays redish colour,despite of adjusting front pannel controls this ca'nt be solved.
Please let me know the solution.
Truly your's

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Request for Clarification

by balaajeem In reply to Clarifications

i just now have same problem, where your problem solved??

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Solution: New monitor.

by seanferd In reply to CRT MONITOR PROBLEM

Unless you want to take yours to a shop to see if it can be fixed.

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I agree

by tintoman In reply to Solution: New monitor.

The cost of repairing this would most likely be way above the cost of a new TFT monitor

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You could try playing

by Jacky Howe In reply to CRT MONITOR PROBLEM

with a few settings to try and get it to a bearable picture. There are internal adjustments that could possibly be made but it is extreemly dangerous. RGB controllers can be found in a lot of CRT's. Can you Degauss it.

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Try moving the cable.

by 1bn0 In reply to CRT MONITOR PROBLEM

This is usually cause by a broken wire at one of the cable. Most often at the back of the monitor. Move the cable back and forth and the broken wire reconnects and restores the missing color signal. If you can find a position that works , you can live with the monitor until it is feasible to replace it.

The sooner the better.

Constantly pushing a CRT back against a wall or partition causes the premature failure of the wire in the cable.

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This is typically because the CRT heaters have shorted internally

by robo_dev In reply to CRT MONITOR PROBLEM

thus the heater for the red gun is picking up voltage from the green/blue heater windings thru the PCB that connects to the CRT. The solution is typically to cut the traces for the red heater at the CRT PCB, and make a low-voltage supply by wrapping about a foot of speaker wire around the flyback transformer a couple of turns, giving you the required 6V.

Or even better, get a new monitor.

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Could be

by Kenone In reply to CRT MONITOR PROBLEM

a bent/broken/loose pin in a connector or a broken wire as noted above or a bad monitor.
Try a different monitor, does it do the same thing? Take your e-mail address out of your post unless you really, really love spam.

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TV Repair Shop

by TheChas In reply to CRT MONITOR PROBLEM

WARNING!!! There are hazardous high voltages inside a CRT monitor. Repairs should only be performed by trained technicians.

Odds are that if it is not the CRT itself that one of the driver circuits has failed. At a minimum, the final drive transistor needs to be replaced.

A local TV repair shop should be able to diagnose and repair the monitor as the drive circuits for a monitor and a TV are very similar.

All costs considered, it likely makes more sense to buy a new or even used LCD monitor rather than repairing this one.


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