CRT Monitors

By rickeydsainsr ·
I'm using a old Dell Dimension XPS D300. It may not matter, yet I have two monitors. One is a Dell M780 and the other is a Dell D1025HTX Trinitron. The quesion is will either perform better with an ATI All-In-Wonder graphics card, window xp pro and multimedia programs. Thanks for any help.

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Which one has the best display

by Jacky Howe In reply to CRT Monitors

and is the easiest on the eyes. That is what I would be looking for.

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by rickeydsainsr In reply to Which one has the best di ...

...for the advice

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No Problems :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thank...

Glad to be able to help.

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to CRT Monitors

What make and model of video card are you using now?
How much on-board RAM does it have?
What model of AIW card?

Most AIW cards have dual monitor capability which would allow you to use both monitors for an extended desktop. Does your current card have that ability?

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Hi, CaptBilly1Eye...

by rickeydsainsr In reply to Perhaps....

Thanks for the reply!

What make and model of video card are you using now?
Windows xp identifies it as Adapter Type: ATI All-in-Wonder 128 AGP AND Adapter Information: ATI Rage 128 GL AGP--and list both drivers as acceptable for the card. So, also I am not sure which driver would be best to use???

How much on-board RAM does it have?
Adapter Information:
Chip Type: Rage 128 GL (AGP)
DAC Type: Internal DAC (350Mhz)
Memory Size: 32 MB
Adapter String: 1002-5246-04
Bios Information: BK2.0.1 VR001. rfsee4x0

Yes, The card has dual monitor capability, yet I do not know how to connect the second monitor.

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In that case...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Hi, CaptBilly1Eye...

Moving to an AIW card with 128MBs of RAM or better yet, 256MBs of RAM would provide a very noticable improvement in graphics speed and video quality. ... specially in games!

32MB cards are as slow as they come.

Although ATI no longer is offering new cards for AGP slots, you can still find newer AIW AGP cards online and in retail stores. Look for the ones with the 'Radeon' designation.

To connect a second monitor, you simply plug it in at the back of the card.
Your ATI AIW card will have a VGA plug and a DVI plug. If your second monitor only has a VGA (wide) plug, you can pick up a VGA-to-DVI adapter plug for a little bit of cash. Here's one supplier:

After you plug in the 2nd monitor, reboot. The drivers for the monitor will most likely load automatically but if need be, you can download current drivers from the monitor manufaturer's web site.
Once the system is rebooted, open Display Properties (right click an empty spot on your Desktop and select Properties) click on Settings and activate the second monitor there.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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Well if both are working correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CRT Monitors

The Trinitron has a better color differentiation that is better color hue and separation of the individual Pixels. Though if it has degraded somewhat it may no longer be apparent or in your case of any importance.

Both should work provided you don't exceed the Monitors upper Limits in Refresh Rates.


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